British and Swedish Wallander Series 3 in production with Yellow Bird

Many thanks to Lynda for drawing my attention to the following:

Michael Pickard at reports that Swedish production company Yellow Bird is busy with both the third series of the Swedish Wallander, starring Krister Henriksson, and the third series of the British Wallander, with Kenneth Branagh in the title role.

Production for the British version is due to complete in 2012 (3 x 90 minute episodes) and for the Swedish version in 2013 (6 x 90 minute episodes). It will be the final Swedish series, which I’m guessing means that they will close with The Troubled Man.

19 June 2012: an update on Branagh’s Wallander is available in this new post.

A picture of Branagh’s Wallander…for a change

25 thoughts on “British and Swedish Wallander Series 3 in production with Yellow Bird

      • I’ve been trying to find English subtitles for the Swedish episodes Prasten ( Priest ), Lachan ( Leak). But no luck so far. can you help me please if you know of a source ? Thanks

      • I’m not sure where you could find them online, but DVDs produced for the English-speaking market would of course have them (I’m not sure about the specific episodes you mention, but a good starting point might be this website: It all depends a little on where you are based as well, I guess. Can anyone else help?

      • I bought the 4 DVD boxed sets, which include all the episodes from series 1 & 2 (1-26) of the Swedish Wallander, and all of which have English subtitles. The Priest and the Leak are both on the 3rd set (episodes 14-20), all of which, if I’m allowed to advertise, I bought from Amazon. Hope this helps.

    • I heard a rumour a while back that they would be making an adaptation of The Troubled Man, with Krister H., but can’t remember the source now. I’ll keep an eye out for further information. The idea of an alternative ending is intriguing though…

  1. I am SO glad that there’s going to be a 3rd series of the Swedish Wallander with Krister Henriksson, (he’s the best Wallander and I can’t see anyone else in that role except him. Just as there could never be another Morse except John Thaw) The last Wallander film at the end of series two left a cliffhanger. Will he [spoiler removed!], and with or without [ X ]? so here’s hoping we get the answer. Closing the final series with The Troubled Man would be a fitting end for such a great character. I’m just hoping us Wallander fans won’t have to wait for years for the final series to be available on DVD as we did for series 1 & 2.

  2. Without a doubt Krister is the very best Wallander, but we must not dismiss the other two. Without watching the Kenneth Branagh version, I would never have discovered Krister Henriksson! When I visited Ystad, where they filmed Wallander, I found that on a whole Swedish people seemed to prefer Kenneth’s version. Whilst here in the UK we tend to favour Krister. Although I am a big fan of Krister’s, he’s a very talented and versatile actor, I did also enjoy Rolf Lassgard’s, and have those on dvd, even though some are in Swedish with no subtitles, they are still very watchable, wonderful ‘Nordic Noir’ at it’s best !

    • Thanks for this very diplomatic response, Rosie! How interesting that the Swedes prefer Kenneth B’s version (I wonder why?). And fascinated to hear that you’ve visited Ystad. Did you go specifically for the Wallander connection and did it live up to expectations?

      • Oh yes indeed I did. A very special visit, purely for the Wallander connection. I had never heard of Ystad, until I discovered Wallander. It more than lived up to expectations. The people we met there were warm and friendly, the town small, but full of charming little houses and streets. I’m sure the actors and crew must really love filming there, a little piece of heaven! During the summer, I believe they even do Wallander trips, to the places mentioned in the books and films. The whole ‘Nordic Noir’ thing has really taken off, and I am, to coin a phrase ‘loving it’. Roll on the new Killing, I can’t wait for that! Perhaps I’ll do Denmark next?

      • Is that not the Rolf Lassgard version that is starting on June 15th, not the new krister Henricksson?

      • Hi Rose. The photo on the Radio Times page is definitely Krister Henricksson. Have you seen other information to suggest that it’s the Lassgard version?

      • I think the photograph of Krister H, was a mistake. The lady who runs his appreciation group, tells us that it’s definitely not the new Krister episodes. Is anyone watching, and enjoying the ‘fantastic’ Arne Dahl series, sadly ending on Saturday night. I for one will be lost (yet again) when it ends…

      • Thanks, Rose. The link on the Radio Times schedule page has been redirected to Lassgard, but the Henriksson page from yesterday is still there (now without a date), which suggests the KH series 3 is due at some point…hopefully still in 2013.

      • Glad you’ve been enjoying the Dahl. I’m planning to catch up on the first episode of Europa Blues today.

      • Huh. Have just been back to the Radio Times and now the link for Wallander on 15 is to the 2001 Lassgard adaptation of ‘Sidetracked’. No date yet for the Henricksson. Grrrr.

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