BBC4 starts repeat of Forbrydelsen / The Killing on Sunday 21 August 2011

For those of you who have yet to see Forbrydelsen, the original Danish production of The Killing, your moment has come! 

BBC4 starts repeating the series this Sunday at 10 o’clock. There are five two-hour episodes being shown per week (20 episodes in all), which promises to be a pretty intensive viewing experience, but if you haven’t yet sampled this superlative crime drama, I very much recommend that you do. It’s even quite a tempting prospect for those of us who caught the series the first time round…  

You can read my review of the first episodes here.

An added bonus: Sunday’s showing of The Killing is preceded at 9.00 by a repeat of Timeshift’s Nordic Noir – The Story of Scandinavian Crime Fiction.

For those of you into Italian crime drama, BBC4 is also repeating an Inspector Montalbano two-parter, Excursion to Tindari. It starts tonight, Saturday at 9pm. And there’s another chance to catch Timeshift’s Italian Noir – The Story of Italian Crime, on Tuesday at 11pm. Molto bene!


BBC4 – home of top quality international crime drama – threatened with cuts

The UK media yesterday reported that the BBC, driven by the need to find 20% in financial savings, was planning a range of cuts across its channels.

BBC4 – home of top quality international crime drama such as The Killing, Wallander and Spiral – not to mention a raft of other excellent documentary and drama programmes, is one of the channels in the firing line for the biggest cuts.

The threat to BBC4 has prompted indignant protests on Twitter and the setting up of a petition calling on BBC executives to rethink their short-sighted plans. If you would like to add your signature to the petition you can do so here. There’s also the option of making your views known via a comment.

Those of us here in the UK are of course TV licence payers, and contribute directly to the funding of the BBC. It follows that our views should be taken into consideration when the BBC is planning its programming strategy. This particular licence payer doesn’t watch a huge amount of TV, but what I do watch is more often than not on BBC4. It’s a top channel and should be given the BBC’s full support.

If any BBC execs should happen to stumble on this page: please do take a look at the many, many comments on this blog praising BBC4 and its output.

The Killing: one of the many examples of BBC4’s excellent programming